Interface ValuesGenerator

All Known Implementing Classes:
ColumnNamesValuesGenerator, DateFieldValuesGenerator, FilterStatisticsCascadingSelectValuesGenerator, FilterStatisticsValuesGenerator, FilterValuesGenerator, MailServersValuesGenerator, SearchRequestValuesGenerator, SortingValuesGenerator, SubTaskIncludeValuesGenerator, UserSubTaskIncludeValuesGenerator, VersionOptionalValuesGenerator, VersionValuesGenerator

public interface ValuesGenerator

Interface to implement when you want to retrieve a list of choices for a ConfiguraionProperty. The class you implement can be passed to a ValuesGeneratorObjectConfigurationProperty so it will use it to retrieve a list of choices.

Field Summary
static ValuesGenerator NONE
          Implementation that returns no values at all.
Method Summary
 Map getValues(Map userParams)
          Map of choices to use

Field Detail


static final ValuesGenerator NONE
Implementation that returns no values at all.

28 Aug 2007 for JIRA v3.11
Method Detail


Map getValues(Map userParams)
Map of choices to use

userParams - Used to generate a relevant list of choices. e.g. may have some permissions in it
Map which contains a list of choices as key value pairs. Can be null.

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