Package com.atlassian.jira.web.bean

Interface Summary
BulkEditBean Used in the BulkEdit Wizard Stores in session: currentStep action selected and values associated with that action issues selected
BulkEditBeanFactory Factory to create a BulkEditBean
BulkMoveHelper Interface for methods to help out with some calculations for Bulk Move operations.
MultiBulkMoveBean A bean that stores multiple BulkEditBean
NonZipExpandableExtensions Represents a list of file extensions which should not be expanded as a zip, even if the underlying file is a compressed zip file.
TimeTrackingGraphBeanFactory Factory that can create TimeTrackingGraphBean instances.
TimeTrackingGraphBeanFactory.Style Represents a style of TimeTrackingGraphBean that this factory can create.

Class Summary
ApplicationPropertiesBackedNonZipExpandableExtensions An implementation of NonZipExpandableExtensions that is backed by a jira application property.
BackingI18n DEVSPEED-34: We wanted to properly cache the I18nBean.
BulkEditBeanImpl Implementation of BulkEditBean.
BulkEditBeanSessionHelper Helper class for static session storage.
BulkMoveHelper.DistinctValueResult Represents a distinct project attribute value (i.e.
ConvertIssueToSubTaskBean Convert issue to sub-task bean
CustomIssueXMLViewFieldsBean Purpose of this class is to enable custom XML issue views.
DefaultBulkMoveHelper Default implementation of the BulkMoveHelper interface.
FieldScreenBean A simple bean to help issuefields.jsp do the job of passing the displayParameters map to FieldScreenRenderLayoutItem.getCreateHtml(webwork.action.Action, com.atlassian.jira.issue.customfields.OperationContext, com.atlassian.jira.issue.Issue, java.util.Map).
FieldVisibilityBean Deprecated. You should get a FieldVisibilityManager dependency injected via PICO rather than creating one of these manually.
I18nBean In an attempt to make use of our I18n-cache this was turned into a flyweight that delegates to the properly BackingI18n that lives in the caching factory.
I18nBean.AccessorFactory Small delegate around the CachingI18nHelperFactory that is registered in pico as the actual I18nHelper.BeanFactory
I18nBean.CachingFactory As the name implies: a factory that caches I18nBeans.
MockI18nBean Mock I18nBean to get around the problem of having to lookup a default locale via applicationProperties via the DB.
MoveIssueBean Bean recording new data for issue
MultiBulkMoveBeanImpl Implementation of MultiBulkMoveBean.
PagerFilter<T> This is a super class that implements paging for browsers.
PermissionCheckBean This bean class allows for "concise" permission checks to be made.
ShareTypeRendererBean Helper class that is used to render share types.
StatisticAccessorBean.Direction Enumerated type for sort direction.
StatisticAccessorBean.OrderBy Enumerated type for ordering of statistics.
StatisticMapWrapper<K,N extends Number> This is used to store the statistics retrieved by the StatisticAccessorBean.
TaskDescriptorBean<V> A UI styler bean to help format up a TaskDescriptor.
TimeTrackingGraphBean Represents some tracking information so that it may be rendered.
TimeTrackingGraphBean.Parameters A simple parameter object to keep the number of constructor arguments down.
TimeTrackingGraphBeanFactoryImpl Default implementation

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