Package com.atlassian.jira.util.velocity

Interface Summary
RequestContextParameterHolder Holder for various parameters stored in the HTTPRequest.
VelocityRequestContext A context that allows for different implementations depending on whether it is running in the scope of a web request, or via email.
VelocityRequestContextFactory Provides a request context that can be used to get the 'correct' baseurl.
VelocityRequestSession An object that stores Session information for a user;

Class Summary
CommonVelocityKeys Home of common velocity keys
DefaultVelocityRequestContextFactory Return an instance of VelocityRequestContext, depending on whether we are called from a web or non-web context.
HttpSessionBackedVelocityRequestSession An implementation of the VelocityRequestSession that is backed by a HttpSession All methods are a direct call through to the underlying HttpSession.
NumberTool This class is stolen borrowed from Apache's velocity tools.
RequestContextParameterHolderImpl Default implementation of the RequestContextParameterHolder.
SimpleVelocityRequestContext Default implementation

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