Interface DateSearcherInputHelper

All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractDateSearchInputHelper, DefaultDateSearcherInputHelper, RelativeDateSearcherInputHelper

public interface DateSearcherInputHelper

Inteface for classues that parse JQL clauses and determine if they are suitable for usage in the Navigator or Search URL.


Nested Class Summary
static class DateSearcherInputHelper.ConvertClauseResult
Method Summary
 DateSearcherInputHelper.ConvertClauseResult convertClause(Clause clause, com.atlassian.crowd.embedded.api.User user, boolean allowTimeComponent)
          Take the passed clause and try and get the equivalent navigator parameters.

Method Detail


DateSearcherInputHelper.ConvertClauseResult convertClause(Clause clause,
                                                          com.atlassian.crowd.embedded.api.User user,
                                                          boolean allowTimeComponent)
Take the passed clause and try and get the equivalent navigator parameters. Note: this also performs a validity check on the structure of the clause to determine if it fits for the Navigator. Therefore, it is not required to check this before the call is made.

clause - the clause to convert.
user - the user trying to convert the clause.
allowTimeComponent - if true, date values which aren't midnight dates will be returned as midnight dates (thereby losing precision)
on success a map of navigator param -> value, or null on failure. The map will only contain the params that were present in the clause.

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