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Uses of DiffChunk in com.atlassian.diff

Classes in com.atlassian.diff that implement DiffChunk
 class CharacterChunk
          Represents a group of characters sharing the same diff type - unchanged, added or deleted.
 class WordChunk

Methods in com.atlassian.diff that return types with arguments of type DiffChunk
static List<DiffChunk> WordLevelDiffer.diffLine(String originalLine, String revisedLine)
          Returns a list of chunks that contain text and the status of the text - unchanged, added or deleted.
 List<DiffChunk> DiffViewBean.getOriginalChunks()
 List<DiffChunk> DiffViewBean.getRevisedChunks()
 List<DiffChunk> DiffViewBean.getUnifiedChunks()

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