Class Summary
AddressableNamedEntity Any resource which is addressable (has "self" URI) and has a name.
Attachment A file attachment attached to an issue
Authentication Basic Authentication information of the current user session (if the connection maintains the session) or just authentication info from the last remote call (when the connection is stateless - usually recommended for really RESTful designs).
BasicComponent Basic information about a project component
BasicIssue Very basic (key and link only) representation of a JIRA issue.
BasicIssueType Basic information about issue type.
BasicPriority Basic information about selected priority
BasicProject Basic information about a JIRA project
BasicResolution Basic information (served together with the issue) about current resolution.
BasicStatus Basic information about a JIRA issue status
BasicUser Basic information about a JIRA user
BasicVotes Basic information about voters of a JIRA issue
BasicWatchers Basic information about watchers of a JIRA issue
Comment A JIRA comment
Component Project component
Field JIRA issue field with its current value.
Issue Single JIRA issue
IssueLink Link between two JIRA issues
IssueLinkType Type of a link between two JIRA issues
IssueType Complete information about a single issue type defined in JIRA
LoginInfo Statistics about logins (successful and failed logins number and last date) for the current user
Priority Complete information about a JIRA issue priority
Project Complete information about single JIRA project.
Resolution Complete information about resolution.
SearchResult Represents search results - links to issues matching given filter (JQL query) with basic information supporting the paging through the results.
ServerInfo Basic information about JIRA server
Session Information about current user "session" - or in case of the recommended stateless connection (really RESTful design) just the information about the user and the user login data.
SessionCookie Cookie used for maintaining the session for this user
Status Complete information about a JIRA issue status.
TimeTracking Represents time tracking information associated with given issue
Transition Information about selected transition including fields which can or must be set while performing the transition.
User Complete information about a single JIRA user
Version Complete information about a version defined for a JIRA project
VersionRelatedIssuesCount Represents number of issues which use given version in their FixVersion(s) and Affects Version fields.
Visibility Represents visibility (access level) of selected element (comment, worklog, etc.)
Votes Complete information about the voters for given issue
Watchers Complete information about the watchers of given issue
Worklog Issue worklog - single worklog entry describing the work logged for selected issue

Enum Summary
AssigneeType Possible assignee types for project components

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