Interface Initable

All Known Subinterfaces:
Authenticator, ElevatedSecurityGuard, Interceptor, LoginInterceptor, LoginUrlStrategy, LogoutInterceptor, RedirectPolicy, RoleMapper, SecurityController, SecurityService
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbstractAuthenticator, DefaultAuthenticator, DefaultLoginUrlStrategy, DefaultRedirectPolicy, GroupRoleMapper, NoopElevatedSecurityGuard, NullSecurityController, PathService, SimpleAbstractRoleMapper, WebworkService

public interface Initable

A simple interface to indicate all initialisable configuration classes in Seraph.

Method Summary
 void init(Map<String,String> params, SecurityConfig config)
          Initialise the configuration object with the given "init-params".

Method Detail


void init(Map<String,String> params,
          SecurityConfig config)
Initialise the configuration object with the given "init-params".

params - The map of "init-params" extracted from the Seraph config file. This is guaranteed not null.
config - The Seraph SecurityConfig class that is initialising the config objects. This object will only be partially initialised at this time.

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