Interface ConfluenceWebResourceService

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public interface ConfluenceWebResourceService

Provides services related to writing Confluence html resource tags.

This service is meant to replace ConfluenceWebResourceManager that implements the now deprecated WebResourceManager interface.


Nested Class Summary
static class ConfluenceWebResourceService.Style
          Style of a page.
Method Summary
 void writeConfluenceResourceTags(Writer writer, ConfluenceWebResourceService.Style style, String spaceKey)
          Write all html resource tags to the given writer.

Method Detail


void writeConfluenceResourceTags(@Nonnull
                                 Writer writer,
                                 ConfluenceWebResourceService.Style style,
                                 String spaceKey)
Write all html resource tags to the given writer.

Internally Web Resources module is used to output most of the resources, with some Confluence theme specific resources added to the mix.

writer - writer to write the tags to
style - style to apply if any
spaceKey - current space if any

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