Package com.atlassian.confluence.core.actions

Interface Summary
HttpCacheValidatable Actions that wish to be served to browsers/clients with http cache validation headers (Last-Modified and etag) should implement this interface.
Tabbed Defines an Action that has a related tab in a list of navigation tabs.

Class Summary
ColorsStylesheetAction Used for rendering Confluence's color stylesheet, using either the global or space color scheme.
CustomStylesheetAction This action will retrieve the customer stylesheet for a space or if not applicable the global style.
FourOhFourAction Simply sets 404 status and returns 404 page to the user.
RssDescriptor This class describes an RSS feed.
ThemeColorsStylesheetAction Used for rendering theme stylesheets which are Velocity templates.
XsrfTokenExpiredAction Global result for an xsrf token timeout.

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