Package com.atlassian.confluence.core

Interface Summary
Addressable Any addressable object has a URL and title.
Administrative Deprecated. since 2.8.
AttachmentResource Represents a resource that exposes the required state to create a Confluence attachment.
BatchOperation<I,O> An operation that consists of a sequence of independent units of work that need to be run as a batch job.
BatchOperationManager Perform batch operations without any explicit dependency on a particular version of Hibernate or Spring.
Beanable Deprecated. since 5.2.
BodyTypeFactory Describes a factory responsible for providing a consistent and fixed set of BodyType instances to other components.
ConfluencePropertySetManager Convenient way to break out creation of property sets for testing
ConfluenceSidManager An SID is a unique ID for a particular Confluence instance.
ContentTypeAware Used to mark classes that expose a content type
ContextPathHolder Holds and serves the servlet context path.
DataSourceFactory Constructs DataSources for use in mail notifications.
FileExportable Classes that implement this interface are exported as files, rather than the native format (XML, HTML, etc)
FormatSettingsManager Persistent storage and retrieval of format settings.
FormAware This interface has to be implemented if the new AUI form styles are being used.
HasLinkWikiMarkup Content classes implementing this interface can be linked to by wiki markup.
Hierarchical<T> Please do not use this interface.
ListBuilder<T> A lazy builder that allows clients to retrieve individual pages of potentially long (and performance-degrading) lists of entities.
Modification<T extends ContentEntityObject> Clients should implement this interface and modify the passed in reference to ContentEntityObject as they see fit.
NotExportable Classes which implement this are not exported as part of exports.
PluginDataSourceFactory Produces DataSources for plugin module resources.
PluginDataSourceFactory.ResourceView A view on the ResourceDescriptor.
SaveContext Context for managers to call upon when making decisions about how to save an object.
SmartListManager Deprecated. since 4.2 use the SearchManager
SynchronizationManager Manages transaction synchronizations: a list of actions to be done when the transaction completes on the current thread.
Versioned A Confluence object that can exist in multiple versions.

Class Summary
BodyType BodyType is not an enum because ultimately there may not be a fixed set of BodyType.
CancellingInterceptor An interceptor that looks for a request parameter named 'cancel' in the request.
ConfluenceActionSupport Base class for all Confluence webwork actions.
ConfluenceAutowireInterceptor Intercepts an action created by xwork and autowires dependencies before xwork can execute the action.
ConfluenceEntityObject The superclass of all entity objects within Confluence.
ConfluenceSynchronizationManager Confluence transaction sycnhronization manager.
ConfluenceSystemProperties Query the status of various Confluence system properties
ContentEntitySimulacrum A very generic SpaceContentEntityObject, used to play pretends when rendering page templates in preview / view modes.
DatabaseSidManager Manages a SID backed by Bandana.
DateFormatter Formats dates and times into a given timezone in a variety of formats.
DefaultContextPathHolder Serves the context path stored/managed by the BootstrapManager (this value is kept up to date with every request that comes into the server).
DefaultFormatSettingsManager Implementation of FormatSettingsManager which persists the date format settings in Bandana.
DefaultListBuilder<T> Skeleton implementation of a list builder that takes care of maintaining the class invariants but delegates the final building of the list to a callback function.
DefaultMimetypesExtensionTranslationMapFactory As MimeTypesFileTypeMap only allows one way conversion (from file to mime type) this class manually parses the file and can be used for reverse mapping.
InputStreamAttachmentResource Represents an attachment resource that is supported by an input stream.
InputStreamDataSource A datasource that provides access to an input stream of data.
InputStreamExceptionDecorator Decorator for potential IOExceptions thrown by an InputStream.
InputStreamSerializer Composes InputStreams.
ListQuery Deprecated. since 4.2 use the SearchManager
MaybeNot<T> Helps constructing the left, erroneous case of a Maybe.
PageContentEntityObject Deprecated. Since 4.0 This used to be implemented by Comment, but is no longer necessary.
PartialList<T> CAVEAT: This class is a temporary copy of the PartialList in confluence-api, for use with managers that are planned for migration to the API (at which point this class can be removed).
PointcutClassLoaderProcessor BeanPostProcessor that swaps out Spring's default AspectJExpressionPointcut and substitutes it for an implementation that is customised to use the Confluence application classloader.
ResultLoggingInterceptor Subclass of default XWork logging interceptor which adds logging of the action result.
SingleListBuilderCallback<T> A very simple implementation which can be used in the case where you don't actually require paging and you actually have the entire list already.
SpaceContentEntityObject A ContentEntityObject that is a first-class member of a Space (i.e.
TimeZone Represents an instance of an valid time zone, wrapping a TimeZone.
UploadedResource Resource wrapper for uploaded files.
VersionHistory A record of an upgrade performed on Confluence.
VersionHistorySummary That bit of a ContentEntityObject relevant to a version history

Enum Summary

Exception Summary
ConfluenceException For when we want a generic checked exception
InsufficientPrivilegeException Runtime exception that is thrown when a user tries to perform an operation without the required privileges.

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