Class SimpleMergeResult

  extended by com.atlassian.confluence.util.diffs.SimpleMergeResult
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class SimpleMergeResult
extends Object
implements MergeResult

Field Summary
static MergeResult FAIL_MERGE_RESULT
Constructor Summary
SimpleMergeResult(boolean conflicts, String mergedContent)
Method Summary
 String getMergedContent()
          Returns the result of the merge.
 boolean hasConflicts()
          True if the merge failed.
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Field Detail


public static final MergeResult FAIL_MERGE_RESULT
Constructor Detail


public SimpleMergeResult(boolean conflicts,
                         String mergedContent)
Method Detail


public String getMergedContent()
Description copied from interface: MergeResult
Returns the result of the merge. If the merge resulted in a conflict this method may return null, or a partially merged string. Implementers should return the data in the same format as the one that was passed in.

Specified by:
getMergedContent in interface MergeResult
result of merge if merge was successful, if the merge had conflicts the return value is undefined.


public boolean hasConflicts()
Description copied from interface: MergeResult
True if the merge failed. If true is returned here the return value of getMergedContent() is undefined (likely null).

Specified by:
hasConflicts in interface MergeResult
true if the merge failed, otherwise false

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