Class ObjectQueue

  extended by

public class ObjectQueue
extends Object

An abstraction over a list of HibernateHandles, to allow clients to pop the queue and only have to deal with actual persistent objects.

Constructor Summary
ObjectQueue(List<HibernateHandle> handles, AnyTypeDao anyTypeDao)
Method Summary
 boolean isEmpty()
 Collection<com.atlassian.bonnie.Searchable> pop()
          Converts up to numberToPop handles of the same class into objects.
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Constructor Detail


public ObjectQueue(List<HibernateHandle> handles,
                   AnyTypeDao anyTypeDao)
Method Detail


public boolean isEmpty()


public Collection<com.atlassian.bonnie.Searchable> pop()
Converts up to numberToPop handles of the same class into objects. These handles will be removed from the original collection. It will only look maxLookAhead items further into the queue as soon as an object of different class is found.

up to numberToPop objects of the same class at a time. Returns empty list if there are no further objects in the queue.
org.springframework.dao.DataAccessException - if there was a problem contacting the database

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