Package com.atlassian.confluence.pages.persistence.dao.hibernate

Class Summary
AbstractHibernateAttachmentDao Abstract class that defines the basic methods necessary for saving Attachments to a database.
CachingPageDao This maintains a cache of (space key, page title) -> (page id) mappings.
HibernateAttachmentDaoFactoryBean This implementation retrieves the correct instance of AttachmentDao for the AttachmentDataDao that is given, and wires the instance with the necessary attributes.
HibernateAttachmentDataDao This class defines an AttachmentDataDao that stores Attachment data in a Hibernate-managed database.
HibernateBlogPostDao Hibernate implementation of the BlogPost DAO
HibernateDraftDao Database storage for drafts.
NonTransactionalHibernateAttachmentDao Non-transactional version of the AbstractHibernateAttachmentDao, which removes all attachment data from the data store after removing the attachments from the database.
TransactionalHibernateAttachmentDao Transactional version of the AbstractHibernateAttachmentDao, which removes the Attachment data as the Attachment itself is being removed, since it can be rolled back by the transaction

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