Package com.atlassian.confluence.pages

Interface Summary
CommentManager Manager for page comments.
DelegatingAttachmentManager Classes that implement this interface perform some sort of delegation of AttachmentManager calls
DraftManager Saves, retrieves and merges drafts of Confluence content.
PageManager Manages the retrieval and manipulation both pages and blog entries.
TrashManager Operations on the Trash

Class Summary
AbstractPage Parent of the concrete Page and BlogPost classes
AlternativePagesLocator Finds possible content matches for a supplied title and space.
AttachmentData This class encapsulates Attachment metadata and maintains an InputStream that represents the data for the Attachment object.
AttachmentDownloadPathCache Cache for attachment download paths.
AttachmentUtils All versions of attachments in confluence are stored under a folder labeled with the name with the name of the attachment.
BlogPostsCalendar Helper bean that turns a list of blog posts into a monthly calendar.
CachingAttachmentManager Caches the download paths of attachments.
ChildPositionComparator A comparator used to sort pages based on the Page Ordering sort rules.
ContentTree A graph of ContentNodes.
DateFormattersContextProvider Provides date formatting beans.
DefaultAttachmentManager Default implementation of AttachmentManager.
DefaultCommentManager Manager for page comments.
DefaultDraftManager This implementation supports anonymous drafts using session-based storage.
DefaultTrashManager This class provides utility methods for operating on the Trash
DelegatorAttachmentManager This class delegates attachment manager requests to the appropriate attachment manager implementation based on certain Confluence configuration options
ManualTotalPaginationSupport<T> This class allows us to set the total number of items without reading the size of the items list.
NaturalStringComparator A comparator makes string comparisons based on their natural order.
Page Represents a Page within Confluence.
UploadedResource Deprecated. since 3.1.
WebDavAttachmentManager Deprecated. since 2.7 WebDav attachment storage is no longer supported We still need to keep the infrastructure around to support migrating WebDAV attachments back to Confluence, though so we can't remove it entirely?

Enum Summary
Attachment.Type An enum of basic Attachment types with a text description of each type.
AttachmentDataStorageType Represents the different types of AttachmentDataDao implementations.
PageUpdateTrigger Used to specify how a page update was triggered.

Exception Summary
AttachmentDataExistsException This exception should be used when attachment data was found, when it should not have existed.
AttachmentDataNotFoundException This exception can be used when no Attachment data was found, but was expected.
DuplicateDataRuntimeException A RuntimeException thrown when an operation is being called with some duplicate data

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