Class WikiConvertingHtmlDiffer

  extended by com.atlassian.confluence.diff.WikiConvertingHtmlDiffer
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class WikiConvertingHtmlDiffer
extends Object
implements Differ

A Differ implementation that will inspect the BodyType of the content being diff'd and convert any wiki content to HTML prior to diffing using the supplied DaisyHtmlDiffer delegate.

Constructor Summary
WikiConvertingHtmlDiffer(XhtmlContent xhtmlContent, DaisyHtmlDiffer delegateDiffer)
Method Summary
 String diff(ContentEntityObject left, ContentEntityObject right)
          Computes a diff between the specified left and right input.
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Constructor Detail


public WikiConvertingHtmlDiffer(XhtmlContent xhtmlContent,
                                DaisyHtmlDiffer delegateDiffer)
Method Detail


public String diff(ContentEntityObject left,
                   ContentEntityObject right)
Description copied from interface: Differ
Computes a diff between the specified left and right input.
The html output will contain span tags with class="diff-html-added|diff-html-removed|diff-html-changed" to indicate differences.

Specified by:
diff in interface Differ
left - left input
right - right input
a diff

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