Package com.atlassian.confluence.plugin.webresource

Interface Summary
Counter A counter to create a unique version for web resources

Class Summary
ConfluenceResourceBatchingConfiguration Confluence's configuration for the super batch.
ConfluenceWebResourceIntegration Confluence implementation of WebResourceIntegration, for use with the static resource caching code.
ConfluenceWebResourceModuleDescriptor Deprecated. Since 3.4, use WebResourceModuleDescriptor instead
CssSubstitutionTransformer A resource transform that substitues variables in css files.
DefaultCounter Default implementation of a counter stores its data in bandana by a supplied key.
SetupConfluenceWebResourceIntegration A stripped-down web resource integration sufficient to serve resources during setup when most of Confluence is not available.
StylesheetChangeListener Listens for events that denote a change to the stylesheet, and ensures people start loading new CSS
SuperBatchInvalidatorListener Eventlistener to invalidate the plugins resource counter when a plugin in the super batch is modified in any way.

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