Package com.atlassian.confluence.plugin

Class Summary
BandanaPluginStateStore Stores PluginManagerState using Bandana.
BootstrapPluginManager Cut-down plugin manager for the bootstrapper, since it only need to load language packs.
BundledClassLoadingPluginLoader Created by IntelliJ IDEA.
ConfluencePluginManager Extension of DefaultPluginManager which listens for plugin events fired on other nodes.
ConfluencePluginObjectFactory Custom ObjectFactory that will look through the currently deployed and enabled plugins for the requested class if it does not exist in the default class hierarchy.
ConfluencePluginStateStore Deprecated.  
DatabaseClassLoadingPluginLoader A plugin loader implementation that copies plugins from the PluginDataDao to a working directory on the filesystem, then delegates to ClassLoadingPluginLoader which performs the actual class loading from this directory.
DefaultPluginInstaller A default implementation for a plugin repository which simply delegates to a PluginDataDao.
EmptyPluginStateStore This class is used during bootstrap, and contains no configuration -- all plugins will be in their default state.
EventDispatchingPluginController Delegates each control operation to a PluginController then fires an event to replicate operations across the Confluence cluster.
PluginEventLogger Listens for Confluence plugin events and logs them.

Confluence is developed by Atlassian.