Package com.atlassian.bamboo.event

Interface Summary
FingerprintEvent An event that publishes the server's fingerprint
HibernateEventListener An event listener that'll be wrapped in a hibernate session when loaded by Spring through the HibernateInterceptor
InlineEventListener A marker interface to denote an event listener that should always be run inline (ie not async)
PlanEvent Provides a common interface for both build and chain events
PlanResultEvent Provides a common interface for both build and chain events that contain a result
RemoteBroadcastEvent An event that will be broadcasted to all agents that are listening

Class Summary
AgentConfigurationUpdatedEvent Occurs when a specific agent is updated (e.g the agent has been create or disabled)
AllAgentsUpdatedEvent Occurs if there is an update that will effect all agents e.g.
BambooErrorEvent Represents an Error thrown in Bamboo, these can either be system errors or build errors.
BuildCanceledEvent Fired when Build is canceled through the StopBuildManager
BuildCommentDeletedEvent Occurs when a comment on ResultsSummary has been removed
BuildCommentedEvent Occurs when a ResultsSummary has been commented on
BuildCompletedEvent Event that gets triggered when a build is completed A ResultsSummary corresponding to this event should be available via ResultsSummaryManager See PostBuildCompletedEvent and BuildFinishedEvent
BuildConfigurationUpdatedEvent An event that occurs when the the build configuration is changed
BuildDeletedEvent Event triggered when a build or Job is deleted
BuildEvent Generic base event for Events that captures a Plan.
BuildFinishedEvent Fired when BuildExecutionManager.finishBuild(PlanResultKey) is called Note that that a corresponding BuildResultsSummary might not be available See BuildCompletedEvent and PostBuildCompletedEvent
BuildHungEvent An event that is thrown if the build has been detected to have hung based on certain criteria.
BuildRequirementUpdatedEvent Occurs when a Requirement has changed
BuildResultDeletedEvent Triggered when a build result is removed
BuildResultEvent Base class for build result related events
BuildResultsSummaryUpdatedEvent Occurs when a BuildResultsSummary has been updated
BuildsMovedEvent Triggers when builds are moved
BuildStateResultEvent BuildResultEvent that is aware of BuildState
ChainCompletedEvent Event that gets triggered after a chain completes
ChainResultEvent Base class for chain result related events
DeletionFinishedEvent An event that gets fired after the deletion action has finished
EventListenerRunnable A Runnable that holds runs an event listener using the passed in EventListener
FailedStageRestartEvent Event that gets triggered before a failed stage is restarted
IMEvent Deprecated.
JobCompletedEvent Event that gets triggered when a build is completed A BuildResultsSummary corresponding to this event should be available via BuildResultsSummaryManager See PostBuildCompletedEvent and BuildFinishedEvent
ManualStageResumedEvent Event that gets triggered before a manual stage is resumed
PlanFavouriteAddedEvent Fired when a user favourites a Plan
PlanFavouriteRemovedEvent Fired when a user removes a favourite from a Plan
RemoteBroadcastEventListener An event listener that rebroadcasts the an RemoteBroadcastEvent through a JmsTemplate
ResultLabelAddedEvent Fired when a Label is added to a ResultsSummary
ResultLabelRemovedEvent Fired when a Label is removed from a ResultsSummary
ServerFingerprintBroadcastEvent Event that broadcasts the fingerprint information
ServerStartedEvent An event indicating that Bamboo has started
ServerStartingEvent An event that indicates that the server is starting
StageCompletedEvent Event that gets triggered after a stage completes
StoppedOnManualStageEvent Event that gets triggered after a chain stops on manual stage This event will be triggered after any StageCompletedEvent and before any ChainCompletedEvent related to the same build.

Annotation Types Summary

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