Interface BuildConfigurationUIPlugin

All Superinterfaces:
BambooPluginModule, BuildConfigurationAwarePlugin, CustomBuildDefinitionTransformer, InitablePluginModule, RenderableBuildConfiguration
All Known Subinterfaces:
DependenciesBuildConfigurationPlugin, MiscellaneousBuildConfigurationPlugin
All Known Implementing Classes:
AutomaticDependencyManagementPlugin, BuildExpiryPerPlanPlugin, ConcurrentBuildsPlanConfigurationPlugin

public interface BuildConfigurationUIPlugin
extends BuildConfigurationAwarePlugin, CustomBuildDefinitionTransformer

This is not intended to be used directly. One of the specialized marker interfaces should be used directly.

Method Summary
 boolean isApplicableTo(Plan plan)
          Checks if the plugin is applicable to a plan.
 boolean isConfigurationMissing(BuildConfiguration buildConfiguration)
          Checks if BuildConfiguration objects contains plugin's configuration values.
Methods inherited from interface
addDefaultValues, prepareConfigObject, validate
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getEditHtml, getViewHtml
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Method Detail


boolean isConfigurationMissing(@NotNull
                               BuildConfiguration buildConfiguration)
Checks if BuildConfiguration objects contains plugin's configuration values. Should return true if call to addDefaultValues() is necessary to initialize BuildConfiguration.

buildConfiguration - BuildConfiguration object
true if configuration is not present in BuildConfiguration and should be set to defaults


boolean isApplicableTo(@NotNull
                       Plan plan)
Checks if the plugin is applicable to a plan. Typical implementation is to check plan's type (chain, build, job).

plan - Plan to be verified
true if particular configuration is applicable to input plan

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