Package com.atlassian.bamboo.repository

Interface Summary
CleanWorkingDirectoryAwareRepository Allows the user to configure the Build so that the working directory is cleared builds that are BuildState.SUCCESS
CustomVariableProviderRepository Allows the Repository implementation to provide variables specific to the repository.
InitialBuildAwareRepository Allows the Repository to perform custom actions
MavenPomAccessorCapableRepository Defines a repository which can setup itself using Maven SCM url as defined in
MutableQuietPeriodAwareRepository An extension of the QuietPeriodAwareRepository that allows you to set the values as well as read them
QuietPeriodAwareRepository Repositories that implement this method will continue to collect changes for every QuietPeriodAwareRepository.getQuietPeriod() up to QuietPeriodAwareRepository.getMaxRetries() times.
Repository Basic contract for interfacing with various version control repository systems.
RepositoryManager Interface to handle interactions with Repository objects

Class Summary
AbstractRepository This class provides common repository implementation code,
MavenPomAccessorAbstract<T extends AbstractRepository>  
NameValuePair This class containd a name value pair, such as Repository specific change detection mechanism.
QuietPeriodHelper Allows you to easily add commit quite time to your repository

Enum Summary
AuthenticationType Representation of different repository authentication modes.

Exception Summary
RepositoryException This class types repository errors.

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