Class OrphanedBuildMonitorJob

  extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
org.quartz.Job, org.quartz.StatefulJob

public class OrphanedBuildMonitorJob
extends java.lang.Object
implements org.quartz.StatefulJob

This class looks for orphaned builds - i.e. builds that claim to be in a certain state, but from server status it's clear that they will never be able to make transition out of that state. Currently, the following situations are detected: - Build claims to be queued, but it's not in the queue for an extended period of time. - Build claims to be active, but there is no agent that's actually building it In case we find a problematic build we cannot just remove it: 1. maybe an agent is already working on it, but just did not report in yet (agentId == null, but everything OK) 2. maybe the agent is not responsive (agentId != null, agent may or may not come back). 3. maybe 1. happened and will be followed by 2. etc.etc. In case of 1., we should give the agent some time to report in. In case of 2. or 3., we should let the AgentManager remove the agent and the build, it will do so in heartbeatTimeoutSeconds+heartbeat seconds So, waiting heartbeatTimeoutSeconds + 2xheartbeat before taking action seems like a good idea

Field Summary
static java.lang.String MAP_KEY_REACTION_DELAY
Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 void execute(org.quartz.JobExecutionContext jobExecutionContext)
 void setBuildExecutionManager(BuildExecutionManager buildExecutionManager)
 void setBuildQueueManager(BuildQueueManager buildQueueManager)
 void setErrorUpdateHandler(ErrorUpdateHandler errorUpdateHandler)
 void setResultsSummaryManager(ResultsSummaryManager resultsSummaryManager)
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Field Detail


public static final java.lang.String MAP_KEY_REACTION_DELAY
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Constructor Detail


public OrphanedBuildMonitorJob()
Method Detail


public void execute(org.quartz.JobExecutionContext jobExecutionContext)
             throws org.quartz.JobExecutionException
Specified by:
execute in interface org.quartz.Job


public void setBuildExecutionManager(BuildExecutionManager buildExecutionManager)


public void setBuildQueueManager(BuildQueueManager buildQueueManager)


public void setResultsSummaryManager(ResultsSummaryManager resultsSummaryManager)


public void setErrorUpdateHandler(ErrorUpdateHandler errorUpdateHandler)

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