Package com.atlassian.applinks.api

API classes and components for interacting with the AppLinks plugin.


Interface Summary
ApplicationLink Represents a link to a remote application-level entity (JIRA, Confluence, Bamboo, etc).
ApplicationLinkRequest A request object preconfigured with authentication information for the Application Link it was created for.
ApplicationLinkRequestFactory Provides authenticated ApplicationLinkRequest objects.
ApplicationLinkResponseHandler<R> Callback interface used by ApplicationLinkRequest.execute(ApplicationLinkResponseHandler) method.
ApplicationLinkService Provides methods for retrieving ApplicationLinks representing linked applications (e.g.
ApplicationType Represents the type of an ApplicationLink.
AuthorisationURIGenerator Used to generate URIs for users to supply credentials to AuthenticationProviders.
EntityLink Represents a link to a remote entity (Project, Space, Repository, etc).
EntityLinkService Provides methods for retrieving entities from linked applications that are associated with local entities (e.g.
EntityType Represents the type of an EntityLink.
PropertySet Provides access to settings.

Class Summary
ApplicationId The unique ID of an ApplicationLink.

Exception Summary
CredentialsRequiredException Thrown by ApplicationLinkRequestFactory.createRequest(, java.lang.String) when the endpoint requires authentication, but no credentials are available.
TypeNotInstalledException Thrown if the requested ApplicationLink or EntityLink's ApplicationType or EntityType is currently not installed.

Package com.atlassian.applinks.api Description

API classes and components for interacting with the AppLinks plugin.


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