Class LegacySpringContainerAccessor

  • @Deprecated
    public class LegacySpringContainerAccessor
    extends Object
    since 7.0.1. It uses deprecated spring wiring.
    When Actions and Macro beans are created, they need spring setters "autodetect" wiring to work. Previously we've used DefaultSpringContainerAccessor from Plugin Framework to do the job. Platform 5 changed the behaviour of this class and it is using Constructor wiring mode only. This will not work for Actions and Macros, so we've created this class to do similar job, but to use "autodetect" wiring.

    This is not an ideal solution, because at some point in time Spring will remove this wiring type and we will have to find another solution.

    For additional details: CONFSRVDEV-11091

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      • LegacySpringContainerAccessor

        public LegacySpringContainerAccessor()
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        public static <T> T createBean​(com.atlassian.plugin.Plugin plugin,
                                       Class<T> clazz)