Class PageNotPermittedAction

    • Constructor Detail

      • PageNotPermittedAction

        public PageNotPermittedAction()
    • Method Detail

      • execute

        public String execute()
        Specified by:
        execute in interface com.opensymphony.xwork2.Action
        execute in class com.opensymphony.xwork2.ActionSupport
      • getNoPageEditPermissionRedirectUrl

        public String getNoPageEditPermissionRedirectUrl()
      • getNoSpaceEditPermissionRedirectUrl

        public String getNoSpaceEditPermissionRedirectUrl()
      • getPageId

        public long getPageId()
      • getDraftId

        public long getDraftId()
      • setPageId

        public void setPageId​(long pageId)
      • setDraftId

        public void setDraftId​(long draftId)
      • setPage

        public void setPage​(AbstractPage page)
        Description copied from interface: PageAware
        IOC method for setting the page on the action. This is called from the interceptor
        Specified by:
        setPage in interface PageAware
        page - the page that the action will be working on.
      • isPageRequired

        public boolean isPageRequired()
        Description copied from interface: PageAware
        If the action requires that the page be set before being run, then it should return true to this method. If the action requires a page, but no page is available, then the interceptor will automatically redirect to the 'pagenotfound' result
        Specified by:
        isPageRequired in interface PageAware
        true if the action requires a page in order to execute
      • isLatestVersionRequired

        public boolean isLatestVersionRequired()
        Description copied from interface: PageAware
        If the action can only work on the most recent version of a page, this will cause the interceptor to silently replace the version that it looks up with the most recent version, if necessary.
        Specified by:
        isLatestVersionRequired in interface PageAware
        true if the action requires the most recent version of a page
      • isViewPermissionRequired

        public boolean isViewPermissionRequired()
        Specified by:
        isViewPermissionRequired in interface PageAware
        true if the action requires a check on the view page level permissions on this page
      • isPermittedToViewCurrentPage

        public boolean isPermittedToViewCurrentPage()
        since 6.2.0
        true if the content permissions that are set on the current page allow the logged in user to view the page. This also returns true if there are no view content permissions set on the page.
      • canUserRequestAccessOnCurrentPage

        public boolean canUserRequestAccessOnCurrentPage()
      • getRequestAccessType

        public String getRequestAccessType()
        Reurns the "access type" of the current request. This is determined by looking at the Struts action objects on the ValueStack, and walking down the stack until it finds either a ViewPageAction or a AbstractCreateAndEditPageAction, returning "view" or "edit" respectively, or empty String if none of the above.
      • getLoginUrl

        public String getLoginUrl()
      • isRequestAccessPluginEnabled

        public boolean isRequestAccessPluginEnabled()
        true if the confluence-request-access-plugin is enabled
      • setPageManager

        public void setPageManager​(PageManager pageManager)
      • getSpaceKey

        public String getSpaceKey()
      • setSpaceKey

        public void setSpaceKey​(String spaceKey)
      • getTitle

        public String getTitle()
      • setTitle

        public void setTitle​(String pageTitle)
      • getTargetUrlPath

        public String getTargetUrlPath()