Class FeedOptions

  • public class FeedOptions
    extends Object
    Mutable object for setting options for use with the feed builder.
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    • Method Detail

      • getAuthenticated

        public static FeedOptions getAuthenticated()
      • getSort

        public Sort getSort()
      • getSpaceScope

        public SpaceScope getSpaceScope()
      • getLabels

        public String[] getLabels()
      • getRssType

        public FeedType getRssType()
      • getMaxResults

        public int getMaxResults()
      • getTimeSpan

        public int getTimeSpan()
      • getTitle

        public String getTitle()
      • isAuthenticatedFeed

        public boolean isAuthenticatedFeed()
      • isShowContent

        public boolean isShowContent()
      • setTypes

        public void setTypes​(ContentType... types)
        Set the types of content to include in the feed. Default is just ContentType.PAGE.
      • setSort

        public void setSort​(Sort sort)
        Sets the sort order of the feed. Default is Sort.MODIFIED.
      • setSpaceScope

        public void setSpaceScope​(SpaceScope spaceScope)
        Set a list of spaces to return results from. Default is all spaces.
      • setLabels

        public void setLabels​(String... labels)
        Sets the labels to retrieve a feed for. Default is no labels, which means all entries are shown.
      • setMaxResults

        public void setMaxResults​(int maxResults)
        Sets the maximum number of entries in the feed. Default is 10.
      • setTimeSpan

        public void setTimeSpan​(int timeSpan)
        Sets the timespan of the feed in days. Default is 5 days.
      • setTitle

        public void setTitle​(String title)
        Sets the title of the feed. If blank or null title, uses the title generated by Confluence. Default value is blank (i.e. use the Confluence-generated title).
      • setAuthenticatedFeed

        public void setAuthenticatedFeed​(boolean authenticatedFeed)
        Sets whether to use basic HTTP authentication for the feed. Default is false.
      • setShowContent

        public void setShowContent​(boolean showContent)
        Sets whether to show full content in the feed or not. Default is true.
      • setPageSubTypes

        public void setPageSubTypes​(ContentType... pageSubTypes)
      • getPageSubTypes

        public ContentType[] getPageSubTypes()
      • setBlogSubTypes

        public void setBlogSubTypes​(ContentType... blogSubTypes)
      • getBlogSubTypes

        public ContentType[] getBlogSubTypes()
      • setExcludedSpaces

        public void setExcludedSpaces​(String... keys)
      • getExcludedSpaceKeys

        public String[] getExcludedSpaceKeys()