Class AdminConsole

  • public class AdminConsole
    extends Object
    • Field Detail

      • log

        protected final transient org.slf4j.Logger log
    • Method Detail

      • getAdminConsole

        public static AdminConsole getAdminConsole()
      • getAdminConsole

        public static AdminConsole getAdminConsole​(net.sourceforge.jwebunit.junit.WebTester webTester)
      • browseToDefaultSpaceLogoConfig

        public DefaultSpaceLogo browseToDefaultSpaceLogoConfig()
      • viewAdminConsole

        public AdminConsole viewAdminConsole()
        View the admin console via direct URL request.
      • forceViewGlobalAdmin

        public void forceViewGlobalAdmin()
      • setGlobalTheme

        public void setGlobalTheme​(String themeKey)
      • resetGlobalThemeToDefault

        public void resetGlobalThemeToDefault()
      • enableCaptcha

        public void enableCaptcha​(boolean enable)
        Configures captcha for all users, including administrator
        enable - true to enable captcha, false to disable captcha
      • validateWebSudo

        public void validateWebSudo​(User user)
      • validateWebSudo

        public void validateWebSudo​(String password)
      • removeAllSmtpServers

        public void removeAllSmtpServers()
        Removes all configured SMTP servers from the Confluence configuration
      • viewUser

        public ViewUser viewUser​(User user,
                                 net.sourceforge.jwebunit.junit.WebTester tester)
      • viewUser

        public ViewUser viewUser​(String username,
                                 net.sourceforge.jwebunit.junit.WebTester tester)
      • viewSystemInformation

        public void viewSystemInformation()
      • viewLayoutsPage

        public void viewLayoutsPage()
      • editLayout

        public void editLayout​(String decoratorName,
                               String value)
      • resetLayout

        public void resetLayout​(String decoratorName)
      • updateLicense

        public void updateLicense​(License license)
        Change the system's license. Remember to set it back to the default afterwards.
      • setEmailMask

        public void setEmailMask​(String setting)
      • checkLicenseType

        public void checkLicenseType​(String type)
      • checkLicenseCountIs

        public void checkLicenseCountIs​(int licenseCount)
      • checkLicenseExpiresIn

        public void checkLicenseExpiresIn​(int days)
      • enableScheduledJob

        public void enableScheduledJob​(String id,
                                       boolean enable)
      • enableLanguage

        public void enableLanguage​(String locale)
      • viewScheduledJobs

        public void viewScheduledJobs()
      • getCurrentMailQueueSize

        public int getCurrentMailQueueSize()