Class PreImportTaskRunner

  • public class PreImportTaskRunner
    extends Object
    Runs all pre-import tasks. It executes the same tasks as configured in BackupImporter.
    • Method Detail

      • unIndexAll

        public void unIndexAll()
        Delete search index
      • resumeScheduler

        public void resumeScheduler()
        Resume scheduler. This task should run even if restore have failed.
      • deleteAllDatabaseContent

        public void deleteAllDatabaseContent()
        Drop existing database
      • runDatabaseConstraintsTask

        public void runDatabaseConstraintsTask()
        Creates constraints that SchemaExport cannot automatically generate from hibernate mapping files
      • flushCaches

        public void flushCaches()
        Flush all caches
      • flushCommitClearSession

        public void flushCommitClearSession()
        Flush and commit session.
      • restoreSiteJobRecord

        public void restoreSiteJobRecord​(BackupRestoreJob job,
                                         BackupRestoreSettings settings,
                                         HiLoGeneratorInitialiserOnSiteRestore hiLoGeneratorInitialiserOnSiteRestore)
        During the site restore the whole database drops. It includes dropping the backup restore job record too. This task restores it back after database recreation. It does not recreate the statistics record because that record should be created after this task.
        job - backup job.
        settings - backup job settings.
      • disablePlugins

        public void disablePlugins()
        Disable interfering plugins
      • enablePlugins

        public void enablePlugins()
        Enable interfering plugins after restore finished. Should be called even if restore fails
      • getPluginKeys

        public static List<String> getPluginKeys()