Class HiLoGeneratorInitialiserOnSiteRestore

  • public class HiLoGeneratorInitialiserOnSiteRestore
    extends Object
    Sets proper current ids for all tables, based on the information from entities.xml
    • Constructor Detail

      • HiLoGeneratorInitialiserOnSiteRestore

        public HiLoGeneratorInitialiserOnSiteRestore​(com.atlassian.event.api.EventPublisher eventPublisher,
                                                     org.hibernate.SessionFactory sessionFactory,
                                                     RestoreDao restoreDao)
    • Method Detail

      • registerNewId

        public void registerNewId​(Object id)
      • convertToLongIfItHasNumericValue

        public static Long convertToLongIfItHasNumericValue​(Object value)
        Converts to long the input value if the value is Long or BigDecimal
        long value or null if the value is not Long or BigDecimal
      • getMaxId

        public long getMaxId()