Class TimeZone

  • public class TimeZone
    extends Object
    Represents an instance of an valid time zone, wrapping a TimeZone. Call getInstance(String) to get a specific TimeZone object.

    The list of acceptable time zones is loaded once from a properties file, and trying to retrieve a time zone not in this list will return the application's default time zone.

    TODO CONFDEV-27850: should be using a CacheLoader for timeZonesByID to avoid race conditions on TimeZone construction.

    • Method Detail

      • getInstance

        public static TimeZone getInstance​(String timeZoneID)
        Returns the flyweight TimeZone for the given ID, which is the same instance used for this time zone throughout the system.
        timeZoneID - a valid time zone ID as specified by TimeZone
        the TimeZone specified by the time zone ID, or the default time zone if timeZoneID is null or not in the list of time zones returned by getSortedTimeZones().
      • hashCode

        public int hashCode()
        hashCode in class Object
      • getDisplayOffset

        public String getDisplayOffset()
        the raw offset in a printable format, e.g. +0800, -1230
      • getDefault

        public static TimeZone getDefault()
        since 5.7. Use TimeZoneManager.getDefaultTimeZone()} instead.
        This method should no longer be used. The notion of a "default timezone" is now specific to the current tenant, rather than a system level JDK concern.
        the tenant's default timezone, retrieved from TimeZoneManager.getDefaultTimeZone()}
        See Also:
      • getSortedTimeZones

        public static List<TimeZone> getSortedTimeZones()
        the list of available time zones sorted by offset from GMT (west to east), then by alphabetical order of time zone ID.
      • getWrappedTimeZone

        public TimeZone getWrappedTimeZone()
        the underlying TimeZone which is wrapped by this implementation.