Class SpaceContentEntityObject

    • Constructor Detail

      • SpaceContentEntityObject

        public SpaceContentEntityObject()
    • Method Detail

      • setSpace

        public void setSpace​(Space space)
      • convertToHistoricalVersion

        public void convertToHistoricalVersion()
        Description copied from interface: Versioned
        Remove all data from the object that does not need to be saved by historical versions. For versioned objects that are persisted, this includes removing associations with other persisted objects that may otherwise cause us to break the expected arity of the database relations.

        When using Hibernate to persist versioned objects, take special care to null any field that might contain a Hibernate-persisted collection, as Hibernate does not allow two different persistent objects to refer to the same persisted collection at the same time.

        Specified by:
        convertToHistoricalVersion in interface Versioned
        convertToHistoricalVersion in class ContentEntityObject
      • getNameForComparison

        public String getNameForComparison()
        Description copied from class: ContentEntityObject
        Subclasses should implement this method, giving a String back so that the content can be alphabetically sorted in a mixed-type list of content-entities.
        Specified by:
        getNameForComparison in class ContentEntityObject
      • getSpaceKey

        public String getSpaceKey()
      • isIndexable

        public boolean isIndexable()
        pages, blogs etc that aren't not associated with a space (either because they are historical or corrupt) should not be indexed if they are indexed, and returned in search results, they are broken and are therefore useless
        Specified by:
        isIndexable in interface Searchable
        isIndexable in class ContentEntityObject
      • isInSpace

        public boolean isInSpace​(Space space)