Class AbstractOperationContext<TRIGGER extends OperationTrigger>

    • Field Detail

      • suppressNotifications

        protected boolean suppressNotifications
    • Method Detail

      • isEventSuppressed

        public final boolean isEventSuppressed()
        Description copied from interface: OperationContext
        Control whether the save should result in an event being published. If this is false then there will be no event published. It should be noted that even if this is false, whether an event is actually published is a decision of the involved publishing component. So by setting this true you can ensure there is not an event. Setting false does not guarantee you will get an event.
        Specified by:
        isEventSuppressed in interface OperationContext<TRIGGER extends OperationTrigger>
        if true if event publishing is to be suppressed.
      • isSuppressNotifications

        public final boolean isSuppressNotifications()
        Description copied from interface: OperationContext
        Indicates that notifications should not be sent out informing users of the changes to this content.
        Specified by:
        isSuppressNotifications in interface OperationContext<TRIGGER extends OperationTrigger>
        true if notifications should not be sent to users.