Class ContentProperties

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    public class ContentProperties
    extends Object
    implements Serializable
    Encapsulates the properties of a content object. You should never deal with the ContentProperty list directly. In fact, you probably want to use the ContentPropertyService and a JsonContentProperty instead.
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    Serialized Form
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      • deepClone

        public static ContentProperties deepClone​(ContentProperties properties)
        Creates a deep clone of a properties object, throwing away any dangerous Hibernate associations - you shouldn't call this directly, content properties should be managed by the ContentEntityObject.
        properties -
      • setStringProperty

        public void setStringProperty​(String name,
                                      String value)
      • getStringProperty

        public String getStringProperty​(String name)
      • setLongProperty

        public void setLongProperty​(String name,
                                    long value)
      • getLongProperty

        public long getLongProperty​(String name,
                                    long defaultValue)
      • removeProperty

        public void removeProperty​(String name)