Class OutgoingLink

    • Constructor Detail

      • OutgoingLink

        public OutgoingLink()
        Default constructor
      • OutgoingLink

        public OutgoingLink​(ContentEntityObject sourceContent,
                            String destinationSpaceKey,
                            String destinationPageTitle)
        Convenience constructor
        sourceContent - content object that the link comes from
        destinationSpaceKey - space the link points to
        destinationPageTitle - page the link points to
    • Method Detail

      • getDestinationPageTitle

        public String getDestinationPageTitle()
      • setDestinationPageTitle

        public void setDestinationPageTitle​(String destinationPageTitle)
      • getLowerDestinationPageTitle

        public String getLowerDestinationPageTitle()
      • getDestinationSpaceKey

        public String getDestinationSpaceKey()
      • setDestinationSpaceKey

        public void setDestinationSpaceKey​(String destinationSpaceKey)
      • getLowerDestinationSpaceKey

        public String getLowerDestinationSpaceKey()
      • isUrlLink

        public boolean isUrlLink()
      • getUrlLink

        public String getUrlLink()
      • isFrom

        public boolean isFrom​(AbstractPage page)
        Is the link directed from a page, or from some of its contents (i.e. comments)? Used to filter out internal links from a page's links list.