Interface ContentVersionService

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    public interface ContentVersionService
    ContentVersionService supports find, restore and delete operations on versions of content.
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      • delete

        void delete​(ContentId contentId,
                    int versionNumber)
        Delete the version of content. When one version is deleted, all the versions after this version will have their version number reduced by one. e.g.: remove of version 3, will result version 4 becomes new version 3 and so on.
        contentId - ContentId
        versionNumber - version to delete
      • restore

        Version restore​(ContentId contentId,
                        VersionRestoreParameters versionRestoreParameters,
                        Expansion... expansions)
        Restore on version of content, update current content with that version then increment version number of current version. e.g.: One content had 3 versions. Restore version 2 will create a new version 4, which has the same content as version 2. The number of the version to restore, comment for the restore and other options are contained in the VersionRestoreParameters
        contentId - contentId
        versionRestoreParameters - A wrapper for all parameters related to restore a version. VersionRestoreParameters .
        expansions - expansions array
        The new current version with expansions