Package com.atlassian.jira.web.action.setup

Interface Summary
IndexLanguageToLocaleMapper Defines an IndexLanguageToLocaleMapper.

Class Summary
DataImportAsyncCommand A helper class to run a data import asynchronously via the ImportTaskManager.
DevModeSecretSauce This is ONLY ever called in dev mode.
IndexLanguageToLocaleMapperImpl This is a simple utility class that will map a chosen locale to a specified indexing language for Lucene.
LicenseValidationResults Contains the results of a call to the license validation REST endpoint.
SetupAdminUserSessionStorage A simple class to store in the current session the username of the user who is setting up JIRA.
SetupComplete This setup step is used to complete setup.
SetupDatabase Action for configuring a database connection for JIRA and testing that it works.
SetupLicenseSessionStorage A simple class to store in the current session the firstname, lastname and email of the user who is setting up JIRA.
SetupMailNotifications This setup step is used to setup the MailListener
SetupProductBundle Allow user choose additional bundle to be installed
SetupProductBundleReport Display report page if there was an error during attempt to save license for chosen bundle
SetupSharedVariables Stores items shared across setup steps.

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