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Fields in declared as IssueBean
static IssueBean IssueResourceExamples.GET_RESPONSE_200
          Example IssueBean instance for use in automatically generated documentation.
static IssueBean IssueResourceExamples.ISSUE_SHORT
          Short example for use in automatically generated documentation.

Methods in that return IssueBean
 IssueBean IssueBean.changelog(ChangelogBean changelog)
 IssueBean IssueBean.editmeta(EditMetaBean editmeta)
 IssueBean IssueBean.expand(Iterable<String> expand)
 IssueBean IssueBean.fields(Map<String,Object> fields)
 IssueBean IssueBean.fieldsToInclude(IncludedFields fieldsToInclude)
 IssueBean IssueBean.names(HashMap<String,String> names)
 IssueBean IssueBean.schema(Map<String,JsonTypeBean> schema)

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Fields in with type parameters of type IssueBean
 List<IssueBean> SearchResultsBean.issues

Constructor parameters in with type arguments of type IssueBean
SearchResultsBean(Integer startAt, Integer maxResults, Integer total, List<IssueBean> issues)
SearchResultsBean(Integer startAt, Integer maxResults, Integer total, List<IssueBean> issues, Set<String> warningMessages)

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