Package com.atlassian.jira.web.pagebuilder

Interface Summary
DecoratablePage Representation of a page that will be decorated.
Decorator Interface for a page decorator.
DecoratorListener Listener for decorators being set
JiraPageBuilderService Interface for accessing page builders
JspDecorator Interface for a decorator that runs over JSPs
PageBuilder Interface for working with decoration when rendering an HTML page.
PageBuilderServiceSpi Interface for creating and initialising page builders.
PageBuilderSpi Interface for hosts that handle requests.

Class Summary
AbstractJspDecorator Abstract superclass for decorators rendered by JSPs.
DefaultJiraPageBuilderService Creates PageBuilder and PageBuilderSpi instances and caches them per-request.
DefaultPageBuilder Implementation of PageBuilder and PageBuilderSpi interfaces
GeneralJspDecorator Decorator representing general-*.jsp
JspDecoratorUtils Static utilities for accessing values from the current request's decorated page, eg from within a JSP.

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