Interface Summary
Condition Conditions allow things to be checked at runtime.

Class Summary
AbstractReport.MutableLong This utility class is much like an AtomicLong, but it does not have the thread-safety guarantees and overhead of that class.
AllowUnassignedAndSubTasksEnabledCondition Composite of the AllowUnassigned and SubTasks EnabledConditions
AllowUnassignedIssuesEnabledCondition EnabledCondition that checks whether Issues are allowed to be Unassigned or not.
AndEnabledCondition Composite AND of two EnabledConditions.
ReportIssue Issue wrapper that is used by the TimeTracking report.
SubTaskIncludeValuesGenerator Generator for sub-task inclusion select box options.
SubTasksEnabledCondition EnabledCondition that checks whether SubTasks are enabled or not.
TimeTrackingSummaryBean TimeTrackingSummary bean used by the view.
UserSubTaskIncludeValuesGenerator Generator for sub-task inclusion select box options.

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