Package com.atlassian.jira.permission

Interface Summary
PermissionContext Represents the context in which a permission evaluation is to be made.
PermissionSchemeManager This class is used to handle Permission Schemes.
ProjectPermission Represents a project permission.
ProjectPermissionSchemeHelper An internal helper class for Project Configuration.
WorkflowPermission Represents a single permission granted in the JIRA workflow XML.

Class Summary
DefaultPermissionSchemeManager This class is used to handle Permission Schemes.
DefaultWorkflowPermission Represents a single permission granted in the JIRA workflow XML, eg:
DenyWorkflowPermission Denies the permission for everyone.
GlobalPermissionKey An identifier for a Global Permission.
GlobalPermissionType Represents a global permission in JIRA.
LegacyProjectPermissionKeyMapping Provides mappings between legacy project permission ID-s and new project permission keys.
PermissionContextImpl Default PermissionContext implementation.
PermissionTypeManager This class reads the permission-types.xml file for the different types of permission that are used.
ProjectPermissions This class contains constants representing keys of built-in system project permissions as well as utility methods related to project permissions.
SchemePermissions Deprecated. Use PermissionManager.
WorkflowBasedPermissionSchemeManager Custom permission scheme manager that allows the list of assignable users to be restricted by workflow state.

Enum Summary
Permission Deprecated. Use PermissionManager, GlobalPermissionManager.

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