Package com.atlassian.jira.license

Interface Summary
JiraLicenseManager This manager is used to perform Licence related tasks using the spanking brand new Licencing 2.0
JiraLicenseStore Deprecated. since JIRA 6.3 - we will be removing support for JIRA license store from our public API in 1.0.
LicenseBannerHelper Knows how to generate and control the license banner.
LicenseDetails A set of methods which describe the state of the currently installed license.
LicenseDetails.LicenseContact Represents a license contact name/email pair.
LicenseDetails.LicenseStatusMessage Encapsulates a collection of unordered, internationalised license-related status messages.
LicenseDetailsFactory Provides the ability to extract a LicenseDetails object from a license String.
LicenseJohnsonEventRaiser This can raise its Johnson with events related to licensing
LicenseRole Represents a License Role in JIRA.
LicenseRoleDefinition Representation of a plugin defined license role.
LicenseRoleDetails Encapsulates license role information for a given license.
LicenseRoleManager Provides read and write capabilities regarding license roles.
LicenseStringFactory A factory to create license string from messages and hashes.
MultiLicenseStore A store to save multiple licenses to a persistent location.

Class Summary
DefaultLicenseContact A simple representation of a contact person associated with a JIRA License (name and email)
DefaultLicenseDetails Default implementation of the LicenseDetails interface.
DefaultLicenseRoleDetails Default implementation of LicenseRoleDetails.
DefaultLicenseRoleManager Default implementation of LicenseRoleManager.
DefaultLicenseStatusMessage TODO: Document this class / interface here
JiraLicenseStoreImpl The implementation of JiraLicenseStore
LicenseJohnsonEventRaiserImpl An implementation of LicenseJohnsonEventRaiser
LicenseRoleGroupEntry A mapping from a license role to group.
LicenseRoleGroupsCache This is a very basic cache that stores license role to group mappings.
LicenseRoleId License roles are a hierarchical typing mechanism for users of a license.
NewLicenseEvent Event fired when a new license is entered into JIRA.
SubscriptionLicenseDetails Subclass of DefaultLicenseDetails for implementing enterprise license-specific behaviour.

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