Package com.atlassian.jira.index

Interface Summary
ChangeHistorySearchExtractor Interface for extractors adding fields based on comments
CommentSearchExtractor Interface for extractors adding fields based on comments
Configuration The configuration for a particular index and how it should be written.
EntityDocumentFactory<T> Converts provided entity to lucene documents for indexing
EntitySearchExtractor<T> Provides ability to add fields to Document during indexing
Index An Index is where data is stored for fast retrieval.
Index.Manager Management of an Index
Index.Result The payload is unimportant.
IndexingStrategy Implementations determine how we do multi-threading for reindex-all.
IssueSearchExtractor Interface for extractors adding fields based on issues
SearchExtractorRegistrationManager Manages search extractors

Class Summary
AccumulatingResultBuilder Used to build a Index.Result implementation that accumulates results from other operations and awaits on them all.
DefaultIndex Uses a DefaultIndex.Engine to perform actual writes to an index.
DefaultIndex.Failure Indicate that an operation failed.
DefaultIndex.Success Indicate that an operation completed successfully.
DefaultSearchExtractorRegistrationManager Default implementation of SearchExtractorRegistrationManager
EntityDocumentFactory.EntityDocumentBuilder<T,C extends EntityDocumentFactory.EntityDocumentBuilder<T,C>>  
GenericSearchExtractorContext<T> Simple context for searcher extractors
Index.Operation An operation that is performed on an Index.
IndexDocumentConfiguration Document that configures indexing of entityProperties it reads to description in format of: {@code

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