Interface Index

public interface Index

An Index is where data is stored for fast retrieval. The Index itself has operations performed on it to update it. The index is held by a Index.Manager where you can access a searcher that reflects the latest update that has completed.

Note: in order to guarantee that an IndexSearcher returned from Index.Manager.openSearcher() contains a particular Index.Operation that is performed, the Index.Result must be waited on.


Nested Class Summary
static interface Index.Manager
          Management of an Index
static class Index.Operation
          An operation that is performed on an Index.
static interface Index.Result
          The payload is unimportant.
static class Index.UpdateMode
Method Summary
 Index.Result perform(Index.Operation operation)
          Perform an Index.Operation on the index.

Method Detail


Index.Result perform(@Nonnull
                             Index.Operation operation)
Perform an Index.Operation on the index.

operation - the work to do.
a Result object

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