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Classes in that implement HelpUrlsParser
 class InitialHelpUrlsParser
          This is the actual HelpUrlsParser in PICO.
 class MockHelpUrlsParser

Methods in that return HelpUrlsParser
 HelpUrlsParser MockHelpUrlsParser.defaultUrl(String url, String title)
 HelpUrlsParser HelpUrlsParser.defaultUrl(String url, String title)
          Returns a new parser that will use the passed URL (title) in URLs that don't have a URL (title) set.
 HelpUrlsParser MockHelpUrlsParser.onDemand(boolean onDemand)
 HelpUrlsParser HelpUrlsParser.onDemand(boolean onDemand)
          Returns a new parser that will either use or ignore .ondemand properties.

Constructors in with parameters of type HelpUrlsParser
DefaultHelpUrlsLoader(ResourceBundleLoader loader, JiraAuthenticationContext ctx, FeatureManager featureManager, LocalHelpUrls localHelpUrls, I18nHelper.BeanFactory i18n, HelpUrlsParser parser)

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