Class NullJiraClusterNodeHeartBeatDao

  extended by com.atlassian.jira.cluster.lock.NullJiraClusterNodeHeartBeatDao
All Implemented Interfaces:
com.atlassian.beehive.spi.ClusterNodeHeartBeatDao, TimedClusterNodeHeartBeatDao

public class NullJiraClusterNodeHeartBeatDao
extends Object
implements TimedClusterNodeHeartBeatDao

Created this class to avoid problems of dependencies in non-clustered environments

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 Collection<String> findNodesWithHeartbeatsAfter(long time)
 Map<String,Long> getActiveNodesDatabaseTimeOffsets(long databaseActiveTime)
          Returns each active cluster node's clock offset from the database clock.
 Long getLastHeartbeatTime(String nodeId)
 String getNodeId()
 void writeHeartBeat(long time)
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Constructor Detail


public NullJiraClusterNodeHeartBeatDao()
Method Detail


public String getNodeId()
Specified by:
getNodeId in interface com.atlassian.beehive.spi.ClusterNodeHeartBeatDao


public void writeHeartBeat(long time)


public Long getLastHeartbeatTime(@Nonnull
                                          String nodeId)


public Collection<String> findNodesWithHeartbeatsAfter(long time)


public Map<String,Long> getActiveNodesDatabaseTimeOffsets(long databaseActiveTime)
Description copied from interface: TimedClusterNodeHeartBeatDao
Returns each active cluster node's clock offset from the database clock.

The returned map maps node IDs to their clock offset times in milliseconds. A clock offset time is the number of milliseconds difference between that node's system clock and the clock of the database. These values can be used to determine how synchronized the node's clocks are.

It is possible that a node's time offset value is returned as null if they have not registered a heartbeat yet after they have started up or if they are upgrading their version and have not written a database time value in the database yet.

Specified by:
getActiveNodesDatabaseTimeOffsets in interface TimedClusterNodeHeartBeatDao
databaseActiveTime - the minimum database time a node should have in the system to regard it as active. Nodes that registered their heartbeat with an associated database time less than this value will not be returned.
a map mapping node IDs to offset times in milliseconds.

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