Interface ValuesGenerator<K>

All Known Implementing Classes:
ColumnNamesValuesGenerator, DateFieldValuesGenerator, FilterStatisticsCascadingSelectValuesGenerator, FilterStatisticsValuesGenerator, FilterValuesGenerator, MailServersValuesGenerator, SearchRequestValuesGenerator, SortingValuesGenerator, SubTaskIncludeValuesGenerator, UserSubTaskIncludeValuesGenerator, VersionOptionalValuesGenerator

public interface ValuesGenerator<K>

Interface to implement when you want to retrieve a list of choices for a ConfigurationProperty.

Field Summary
static ValuesGenerator NONE
          Implementation that returns no values at all.
Method Summary
 Map<K,String> getValues(Map userParams)
          Map of choices to use

Field Detail


static final ValuesGenerator NONE
Implementation that returns no values at all.

28 Aug 2007 for JIRA v3.11
Method Detail


Map<K,String> getValues(Map userParams)
Map of choices to use

userParams - Used to generate a relevant list of choices. e.g. may have some permissions in it
Map which contains a list of choices as key value pairs. Can be null.

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