Package com.atlassian.jira.webtests.ztests.navigator.jql

Class Summary
AbstractJqlFuncTest Some common methods for the tests which are testing Jql.
TestAdvancedSimple Test switching from the advanced JQL view to the basic editing view
TestAllTextClause Tests the "text" clause in JQL, which searches across all system text fields and custom free text fields that the user can see.
TestClausesDependentOnProperties Tests specific clauses ability to be used when their system properties have been disabled.
TestContextColumns Some more tests for column context.
TestCustomFieldDoesItFitSingle Testing for "fitness" in the filter form of singular custom field clauses.
TestCustomFieldLiterals Tests the interpretations of different literals (operands) for each custom field clause.
TestCustomFieldOperatorUsage Tests the validity of all the operators against all the custom field clauses.
TestCustomFieldsDisabled Verify the behaviour of custom fields in JQL queries when they have been disabled.
TestDateField Test date fields such as Created.
TestEmptyNotEmptyLiterals Tests using the EMPTY and NOT EMPTY literals.
TestFilters Test saved filter behaviour with JQL.
TestInvalidSearchFilterSearchRequestView A test that verifies that a SearchRequestView (e.g.
TestIssueNavigatorCommentsRSSView Test of the Search Request View for Comments and using JQL.
TestJqlParsing Tests the JQL parser and how it handles reserved words.
TestJqlSystemFunctions Test for JQL included JQL system functions.
TestQueriesInDocumentation Queries mentioned in our documentation on
TestRandomQueries A collection of random, crazy JQL queries that don't fit in anywhere else.
TestRelativeDates Test realated to relative Date formats.
TestSearchConstrainedByConfiguration Tests if JQL searches do not bring back data when fields have been hidden or custom fields have been moved out of configuration.
TestSystemFieldDoesItFitMultiple Testing for "fitness" in the filter form of multiple system field clauses.
TestSystemFieldDoesItFitSingle Testing for "fitness" in the filter form of singular system field clauses.
TestSystemFieldLiterals Tests the interpretations of different literals (operands) for each system field clause.
TestSystemFieldOperatorUsage Tests the validity of all the operators against all the system field clauses.
TestUserQueriesCaseInsensitive This test class test for User queries being case insensitive.
TestValidationDoesItFit JQL Func Test to ensure the IssueNavigator's behaviour when currently in Simple Mode and calling the IssueNavigator via URL and the value for a field is invalid and requires to display a validation error message.

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