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Packages that use NamedWithId

Uses of NamedWithId in com.atlassian.jira.auditing

Constructors in com.atlassian.jira.auditing with parameters of type NamedWithId
AffectedScheme(NamedWithId scheme)

Uses of NamedWithId in com.atlassian.jira.event.fields.layout

Subinterfaces of NamedWithId in com.atlassian.jira.event.fields.layout
 interface FieldLayoutSchemeDetails

Uses of NamedWithId in com.atlassian.jira.issue.fields.layout.field

Subinterfaces of NamedWithId in com.atlassian.jira.issue.fields.layout.field
 interface FieldLayoutScheme
          FieldLayoutScheme is the Java Data Object representing what is called a "Field Configuration Scheme" in the UI.

Classes in com.atlassian.jira.issue.fields.layout.field that implement NamedWithId
 class FieldLayoutSchemeImpl
          Thread safety is mostly achieved (there are still some issues with the AbstractGVBean.setGenericValue(GenericValue) method) by two mechanisms.

Uses of NamedWithId in com.atlassian.jira.scheme

Classes in com.atlassian.jira.scheme that implement NamedWithId
 class Scheme
          This object is used to represent a scheme in JIRA (this could be a permission, notification, etc, scheme).

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