Package com.atlassian.jira.propertyset

Interface Summary
JiraCachingPropertySetManager Manager for JiraCachingPropertySet instances.
JiraPropertySetFactory Provides a number of utility methods to retrieve a property set from JIRA.
OfBizPropertyEntryStore Cached loader for property set entries and their values.
OfBizPropertyEntryStore.PropertyEntry Holds the type and value of a property.

Class Summary
BootstrapOfBizPropertyEntryStore Used during bootstrap, only.
CachingOfBizPropertySet Reimplementation of OFBizPropertySet that caches property entries and values to provide more efficient access.
DefaultJiraCachingPropertySetManager Default implementation of JiraCachingPropertySetManager.
DefaultJiraPropertySetFactory Default implementation of the JiraPropertySetFactory.
JiraCachingPropertySet Deprecated. This class is inherently unsafe to use in a clustered environment.
PropertySetCache This class provides a cache for PropertySet values as used by JiraCachingPropertySet.

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