Class StatusCategoryMapper

  extended by com.atlassian.jira.issue.status.category.StatusCategoryMapper

public class StatusCategoryMapper
extends Object

The purpose of this helper class is to make a best guess at semantics for statuses that may not have any. The data is intended for use when workflows without the full status metadata are created, such as through the workflow importer, or when upgrading from older versions of JIRA. The class is not intended to be used for rendering statuses directly.


Constructor Summary
StatusCategoryMapper(StatusCategoryManager statusCategoryManager)
Method Summary
 Map<String,StatusCategory> mapCategoriesToStatuses(JiraWorkflow workflow)
          Scan a JIRA workflow, determine what status category each status should belong to.
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Constructor Detail


public StatusCategoryMapper(StatusCategoryManager statusCategoryManager)
Method Detail


public Map<String,StatusCategory> mapCategoriesToStatuses(JiraWorkflow workflow)
Scan a JIRA workflow, determine what status category each status should belong to. Will make a best effort at returning a mapping, even for misconfigured workflows. In cases where workflows are misconfigured, errors will be logged, not thrown.

workflow - The JiraWorkflow to check the statuses for.
A map of our best guess as to the semantics of each Status as used in this workflow.

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