Class EntityTypeTaskProgressProcessor

  extended by com.atlassian.jira.imports.project.taskprogress.EntityTypeTaskProgressProcessor
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class EntityTypeTaskProgressProcessor
extends Object
implements TaskProgressProcessor

TaskProgressProcessor used in the first pass of the import backup file. At this stage we don't know the count of entities, just the number of entity types.


Constructor Summary
EntityTypeTaskProgressProcessor(int numEntityTypes, TaskProgressSink taskProgressSink, I18nHelper i18n)
Method Summary
 void processTaskProgress(String entityTypeName, int entityTypeCount, long entityCount, long currentEntityCount)
          Update the task progress in the TaskProgressSink.
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Constructor Detail


public EntityTypeTaskProgressProcessor(int numEntityTypes,
                                       TaskProgressSink taskProgressSink,
                                       I18nHelper i18n)
numEntityTypes - the total number of top-level entities we believe this SAX handler will encounter (should be the number of entities registered with OfBiz).
taskProgressSink -
i18n - allows us to i18n text
Method Detail


public void processTaskProgress(String entityTypeName,
                                int entityTypeCount,
                                long entityCount,
                                long currentEntityCount)
Description copied from interface: TaskProgressProcessor
Update the task progress in the TaskProgressSink.

Specified by:
processTaskProgress in interface TaskProgressProcessor
entityTypeName - Name of the entity type that we are currently processing. eg "IssueType"
entityTypeCount - Count of the Entity Type that we are currently processing.
entityCount - Count of ALL the entities we have seen so far in this file.
currentEntityCount - Count of entities just within this entity type.

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